Alejandro Armijo

Weight Lifting
Weight Management

NASM Certified Personal Trainer
NASM Weight Loss Specialist
American Red Cross CPR/AED/First Aid 

Several years ago, I saw a picture of myself at the beach, and it was a person I did not recognize.  I was 30 pounds overweight with a smoking habit – I decided I needed to change my life.  Though my talents as an artist and marketing expert kept me in a secure, but sedentary, job in the advertising world for 12 years, I knew I had more to give myself.  I started hitting the gym and a new career hard.  I quit the smokes, worked nights to get my personal training certification, cycled every day to work, and even competed in various fitness competitions.  I found new talents in myself that allow me to push my clients and myself every day.

My training techniques lend themselves to “do-ers” of all ages, from teens to 75+.  I pride myself on motivational, pain free workouts that give my clients results and that drive them to be the type of person they want to be – and especially their best in that beach photo.