7 Tips to Buy the Best Bathing Suit!


Summer is here and it’s time to feel great while having fun in the sun! Whether you enjoy swimming, beach or water sports, lounging in the sun, or any other activities, having the right bathing suit can make or break your fabulous, well-deserved day to play!  It’s best to have a go-to bathing suit that is appropriate for any venue – pool, cruise, kid-friendly, Vegas adult-worthy…and also to have a few fun bathing suits for special events.  Leave the wardrobe malfunctions to the runway models!  Let’s get something we can move in! 

We’ve gathered some ideas to help you get started on getting that core bathing suit that will last you past a few wears, or even years, and help you get out there being your best, beautiful self!  Only YOU make that bathing suit YOU-nique!  Love your curves, own your arms, swish that tushy, and feel GOOD this summer!   

1.  Do a little research and shop at the right store.  Ask around in some online groups for your area or friends.  Don’t be afraid to ask someone at a pool where they got their suit – you will learn some info and make another lady’s day telling her she is beautiful!  Lighting makes a big difference in the store.  Sales people should be knowledgeable.  Stores that sell bathing suits year-round usually have more information. Make sure the store has a lot of variety of suits so you can gather a wide selection before trying them on.

Be sure you’re picking what you like and what makes you comfortable - not your BF or husband.  Remember, you don’t have to buy anything once you are in there no matter how many things you try on.  You can always go to another store.  Your body is beautiful – you just have to find the designer who makes clothes right for you!

2.  Make sure you have enough time.  This is a fun experience about you!  Don’t be rushed - this suit can set the tone for many happy occasions in the future like your vacations - you don’t want to be fussing with your bathing suit the whole time and miss out on the fun! 

3.  Be prepared!  Wear thin undies or use disposable from store so you can really gauge how the bottom fits once you own it. Bring some accessories like a hat, those cute sandals you love, a beautiful sarong or sheer cover-up.  This will give you a better idea of what it will really look like once you rock the sun! Have a friend come and take some pictures (on your phone) so you can see what you look like away from camera.  Go into the daylight in the main store or outside and also see what you think.


4.  Do a movement test!  Will you be simply sun bathing that gorgeous body, swimming in the pool or ocean, or doing beach sports like volleyball or bike riding?  Does it survive the loading and unloading of the car test without all your ‘assets’ left hanging out?  Are any straps or strings baby and kid-proof while still making you feel beautiful?

5.  Pick a few bathing suits to try on that aren’t your usual style!   Pick some different styles, colors, one-piece or two!  Spice things up a little and show your style to the world!  Don’t get stuck in a style rut looking the same every year.  You may find a better fitting suit and color just by expanding your selection when you try things on.  

If you love black, try a splash of color.  If you love a one-piece, try a mono-kini.  If you love sports bras, try out a similar style in bathing suits with some cut outs or surprising hardware!  

6.  Don’t worry about the size!  Get what fits you!  Most bathing suits run small so you will likely go up a size!  No one sees the tag, just you in your gorgeous new suit so let it fall correctly while still holding all those good parts in!  

 7.  With that said about sizing, when picking between the last two suits, pick the one that is a bit more snug.  Remember, bathing suits expand when wet, so getting the snugger suit will hold you in better when you get wet playing in the water!

Are you ready to shop now?  Grab a girlfriend, get a mani/pedi, have a light lunch to fuel your shopping, and have a fun afternoon!  Send us a comment or email us and share your experiences!  We’d love to see the photo of you in your favorite suit enjoying your day to share with our audiences as well! 

Happy Bathing Suit Shopping from Meraki Fitness!