Corporate Wellness

Managers play a key role in impacting an employee’s well-being and shaping the employee experience.


80% of working people feel stress on the job and need help managing the stress. By 2020, nearly half of the workforce will consist of millennials.While previous generations were focused on salary, millennials are looking at the total compensation package and taking into account their personal feelings about the company and its culture.

Corporate Wellness is a 365 day a year plan. By holding wellness events throughout the year, employees are able to have exposure to realistic solutions within a safe environment. Weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual events are available with individualized follow up.  

Monthly communication from initial consultation will give employees the support and encouragement they need to succeed at their goals.  Employees will have more energy, reduced sedentary pain, boosted immune systems with fewer absences and optimized productivity.


  • Corporate Wellness and Employee Appreciation Speaking Events

  • Wellness Events and Fairs

  • Daily office stretching techniques

  • Fitness consultations including BMI

  • Meal prep and plans

  • Desk to desk individualized programming

  • Small group stretching and exercises

  • Team-buliding activities

  • Corporate Challenges

  • Monthly individualized follow up and tracking