Samantha Deutchman

Functional Movement
Personal/Strength Training
Injury Prevention

NASM Certified Personal Trainer
Core Power Yoga RYS 200
Grey Institute CAFS
American Red Cross AED/CPR/First Aid

I spent most of my younger life trying every sport under the sun, from softball to basketball to ice skating, but it wasn’t until I tried volleyball that I found my true passion. I then spent the rest of my youth dedicating myself to the sport, eventually earning a division 1 volleyball scholarship. After college, I hung up my jersey and entered into corporate America, but still felt a need to fuel my athletic prowess.

Upon discovering yoga, I instantaneously became enamored with not only the physical challenges for my body but the psychological transformations as well. Soon after, I completed my yoga teacher training and since then has devoted myself to teaching full-time. Once I felt strong in my teaching ability, I felt pulled back towards performance/strength training and in such; I received my NASM CPT earlier this year. It has been a great compliment in my personal and professional life to balance yoga and training.

It is my mission to explore the variations of yoga and/or training that suit your intentions; whether you’re coming onto your mat for your mind, your body, or anything in between, together I want to curate an experience that allows you to feel empowered and inspired. I look at yoga as an intimate experience with yourself, an opportunity to build awareness and a way to explore all aspects of what makes you…you. My goal for you, whether in yoga or training, is not perfection; it is to show you what is already within, to give you the tools to move deeper into your body.