Senior Fitness

Only one-third of Americans ages 65+ follow experts who recommend that older adults engage in moderate exercise at least 30 minutes five days a week along with muscle-strengthening activities for two or more days a week working all major muscle groups.


Experts agree regular physical activity helps improve mental and physical well-being. Meraki Fitness offers fun, engaging sessions, set to senior’s favorite music while singing along in a healthy, caring environment. 

Aerobic and muscle-strengthening exercises sustain bone density and muscle mass.  Lack of exercise can bring difficulty in stability, mobility and balance.  Depression from a sedentary lifestyle can also become debilitating.

In addition to a stimulating experience, classes and individual sessions are social opportunities for those in facilities or receiving at-home care. By participating in senior fitness events throughout the year, seniors are able to have healthier checkups with less pain, more energy and look forward to their next visit from Meraki Fitness.


  • Senior Chair Exercise Classes

  • Group classes including stretching, mobility and balance

  • Personalized strength training options using weights and resistance bands

  • One-on-one residence facility personal training

  • At-home personal training for all ability levels

  • Low impact, cardiovascular programming

  • Family and caretaker participation with modification options

Employee Wellness

Meraki Fitness also does employee sessions for some of our senior facilities. We can do a 20-30 minutes full stretch with employees to bring them wellness and appreciation before we head into the senior exercise class.

Senior Wellness Lectures

We offer speaking events for seniors on topics, including:

‘FALL’ is a Four Letter Word! - Fall Prevention and Stability

Breathing and Posture - What are Long Term Effects?