Weight Loss

Meraki Fitness specializes in weight management to truly reach that wellness from within and be your optimal best.


Growing trends in obesity are leading to significant medical issues to younger generations.  Learning healthy habits one at a time and having a coach encourage you through your journey,  all while following a proven weight loss program will bring results you can celebrate!  

Sound familiar?

  • Clothes not fitting well anymore? 

  • Keep trying to diet but gain it back and more?

  • Looking to move your body a little better?

  • Want more energy and mobility to play with the kids and grandkids?

  • What is a safe amount to lose every week?

  • How do I get my family to help me make these changes?


We encourage that ‘before’ picture and track your results with you confidentially so you can see your progress and stay on track.  We are your partner and your coach through your whole journey!

Contact us for a private, free consultation today.  Your wellness from within is waiting!